JSC has an open position for a PhD student in the field of parallel-in-time integration methods!

For early 2018, J├╝lich Supercomputing Centre is recruiting a PhD student in the field of mathematics and/or scientific computing with a special focus on parallel-in-time integration methods.

The goal of this project is the development and analysis of fault-tolerant iterative time-stepping methods to protect against node failure and bit flips on large-scale supercomputers. The project is embedded into the interdisciplinary research setting of the Joint Laboratory for Extreme Scale Computing (JLESC).

Candidates should hold a university degree in the field of mathematics or scientific computing and should have profound knowledge of iterative methods and numerical ODE solvers as well as a strong expertise in C++ programming. Social competence and good communication skills for collaborative work in and with interdisciplinary teams are essential.

The project runs for 3 years, salary is based on a research fellowship for international students. For more information, please see here.